Size Charts

To find the right size for you, we recommend that you carefully read our recommendations and consult the corresponding size tables combined with each model before ordering.

Remember that size, fit and measures change from brand to brand so it is not sure that sizes of a common brand of jeans exactly matches the size of PMJ jeans.

We advise you to compare the measurements of the PMJ tables with those of your body or of a jeans from your wardrobe. The sizes of our jeans are expressed in American numbers (US), but you will easily find the corresponding EU-UK size on the tables If your measurements fall within the range between two sizes, we recommend that you select the larger size. Some PMJ jeans are reinforced with multiple layers so it is better to be more comfortable, also on all jeans you can use hips protections, which obviously steal a little space to fit.

You just have to arm yourself with tape centimeters measure and follow our suggestions.

Here are some notions used in our tables:

Waist (A): measure the half circumference of your waist, at the height of your navel.
Hips (B): measure the half circumference of your hips, i.e. the widest point on your hips.
Thigh (C): measures the half circumference of a thigh, from the crotch to the outside leg.
Knee (D): measures the half circumference of a knee, from the inside to the outside of the leg.
Inside Leg (E): measure the inside of your legs, from the crotch to under the foot.

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