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Pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27/04/2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, as well as on the free movement of such data and which repeals directive 95 / 46 / EC so-called "General Data Protection Regulation", hereafter "GDPR".

This website currently viewable online on the Internet under the domain as well as under the domains, performs the collection and processing of certain personal data of users who make use of the services offered on it.



This website included the hardware and software used therein.

Personal data (or data)
"Personal data" means pursuant to art. 4 paragraph 1 GDPR, any information concerning an identified or identifiable natural person.

Data used
These are the information collected automatically through this site (also from third-party applications integrated into it, including: IP addresses or domain names of the computers used by the user who connects to the site, addresses in URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) ​​notation ), the time of the request, the method used to forward the request to the server, the size of the file obtained in response, the numerical code indicating the status of the response from the server (successful, error, etc.) the country of origin, the characteristics of the browser and operating system used by the user, the temporal data relating to the visit and the itinerary followed within the site, including the sequence of pages consulted, the parameters of the operating system and the IT environment of the user.

Any natural person who uses this site which, unless otherwise specified, coincides with the interested party.

The natural person user to whom the data refers.

The natural person or organization that carries out the processing of personal data on behalf of the Data Controller, as set out in this privacy policy.

Holder of the treatment
The natural or legal person who, individually or together with others, defines the purposes and methods of the processing of personal data, as well as the means and security measures relating to the operation and use of this site. The Data Controller, unless otherwise specified, coincides with the holder of this website site.

Any service provided through this site.

European Union (EU)
The territory of the European Union including that of the States belonging to the European Economic Area.

Small portion of data stored within the user's device.



The holder of the data processing is Domino Creations s.r.l. Italian company with C.F. IT02544010412 registered in the business register on 15/02/2011, REA number PS-181458, with registered office in via Vito Massani s.n.c. Industrial Zone, Sant'Angelo in Vado (61048 PU) Italy, hereafter also referred to as "Domino". Owner's email address:



The data that is collected independently or through third parties, there are: information collected through cookies, usage information, email addresses; further types of data are: names and pseudonyms of people, company names, user names, addresses, passwords etc.

Users' personal data can be freely provided by them or, in the case of information on use, they are collected automatically when the user navigates the site.

Unless otherwise indicated, the data requested when browsing this site are mandatory. If the user refuses to communicate them, the provision of services may be technically impossible. On the other hand, with regard to data qualified as optional, the user can refuse to communicate it without this refusal producing effects for browsing or using the available services.

For any clarification, users are invited to contact the Data Controller.

Except as provided in the Cookie Policy, the use of cookies or other tracking methods, by this site or by third parties, is aimed at providing the services requested by the user.

Each user assumes all responsibility in relation to the data of third parties obtained from it, published or shared through this website, guaranteeing the right to communicate or disseminate them, and exempting the owner from any responsibility towards third parties.



Method of treatment

The Data Controller adopts the appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, modification or destruction of users' personal data.

The data processing is carried out with IT and / or telematic means, and with methods strictly related to the purposes indicated.

The Data Controller maintains and makes available the updated list of internal managers of the processing of personal data (example: administrative, commercial and marketing, legal, technical personnel in charge of the system) as well as the external subjects involved in the organization and management of this website (example: third party technical service providers, postal couriers, hosting providers, IT companies, communication agencies).



The processing of a user's personal data by the Data Controller is carried out in the following cases:

(a) when the user has given consent for one or more specific purposes; or, in certain circumstances, and when the user domiciled by a non-EU member State has implicitly expressed his consent by not expressly exercising the right to oppose the treatment ("opt-out")

(b) when the processing of personal data becomes necessary in the pre-contractual or executive execution phase of a contract with the user;

(c) when the processing is imposed on the Data Controller to fulfill a legal obligation;

(d) when the processing is imposed on the Data Controller for the execution of a task of public interest (e) or for the exercise of public powers with which the Data Controller is invested;

(f) when the processing is necessary for the Owner to pursue a legitimate interest or a legitimate interest of third parties.

The user always has the right to obtain exhaustive clarifications from the Data Controller on the legitimacy of the processing of personal data in the cases from (a) to (f) listed above.


Personal data are processed at the headquarters of the Owner and in any other place where the subjects involved in the processing operate.

Personal data could be transferred abroad from that in which the user has his home; in this regard, for more information the user can consult the section of the site relating to the details on the processing of his personal data.

In any case, the user has the right to be informed on the legal basis that justifies the transfer of his data outside the European Union or to a foreign organization under public international law, and in such cases he has the right to be informed about security measures taken by the Data Controller to protect the transferred data.

The user can ensure the transfer of his data abroad by consulting the section of this site dedicated to the details on the treatment, or ask the Owner for clarification by contacting him at the addresses indicated above.

Storage time

Personal data are processed and stored for the time required by the purposes for which they were collected.

Consequently, without prejudice to the user's right to be fully informed by the Data Controller: the data collected for the execution of a contract between the Data Controller and the user will be processed and stored until the end of the contract's execution; similarly, the data collected for purposes attributable to a legitimate interest of the Data Controller will be kept until such interest is satisfied.

The user's personal data may be kept longer by the Data Controller in the following cases:

when the treatment is based on the user's consent until he revokes the consent;

when the Data Controller is obliged by law or by order of an authority to keep user data.

At the end of the retention period provided for in the various hypotheses, the Data Controller will delete the user's personal data. Consequently, once the retention period has elapsed, it will no longer be possible for the user to access such data, delete them, correct them or bring them.



The collection of user data allows the Data Controller to fulfill a series of purposes: to provide services, comply with legal obligations, fulfill requests, respond to enforcement actions, protect the rights of the Data Controller and users or third parties, ascertain fraud or other illegal conduct.

In addition, the collection of user data can take place for remarketing and behavioral targeting, statistics, display of content from external platforms, contacting the user, interaction with social networks and external platforms, platform and hosting services, payment management, registration and authentication, contact management and sending messages and interaction with data collection platforms and other third parties.

The User can refer to the "Detailed information on the processing of Personal Data" section to obtain more information on the purposes of the processing of personal data.



By registering with the mailing list or newsletter that may be provided on the site, the user's email address may be aggregated to a list of contacts to which email messages containing commercial and promotional information, issued by the site, may be transmitted. The user's email address may also be added to the tele-list as a result of registering on the site or after making a purchase. Personal data collected in this circumstance will be the user's emails.

Contact form

By filling in the contact form with their data, the user will automatically consent to their use to respond to requests for information, quotes, or any other kind indicated in the instructions of the form.

Personal data collected in this circumstance will be: email and other types of data.

Contact management and sending messages

The management of the database of email contacts, telephone contacts or contacts of any other type, is carried out to communicate with the user.

This kind of services can also allow you to acquire data relating to the date and time of display of messages by the user, and to interact with it.

Payment management

The payment management services allow this site to process payments by credit card, bank transfer or other known means of payment of the transaction fees that are completed online.

The data used for payment are acquired directly by the payment service manager requested without being processed in any way by this site or by the owner.

We also represent to the user that some of these services may allow the sending of messages to the user, such as emails containing invoices or notifications regarding payment.

Interaction with data collection platforms and other third parties

This type of service, if provided on the site, allows users to interact with data collection platforms or other services directly from the pages of this site for the purpose of saving and reusing data.

If there is software for this type of service, it is sometimes possible that, even if users do not use them, the software collects usage data relating to the pages in which it is installed.

Interaction with external social networks and platforms

This type of service, provided on the site, allows you to interact with social networks, or with other external platforms, directly from the pages of this site. When the user interacts and sends information to these external platforms, these activities are subject to the privacy settings and to the specific conditions provided by the third party managers of the platforms and social networks.

Therefore, the user is advised to disconnect from their respective services to ensure that the data processed on this site is not connected to the user's profile.

Registration and authentication

By registering or authenticating, the user allows this site to identify him and allows him to access the services.

Even the registration and authentication services could be provided in outsourcing, i.e. with the help of specialized external organizations. If this happens, this site will be able to access some data stored by the external third party service for the purpose of registration or user identification.


The user registers by filling in the appropriate registration form and providing his personal data directly to the site in particular: ZIP code; city; Fiscal Code; surname and name; e-mail; address; billing address; shipping address; nation; first name; House number; telephone number; VAT number; password; province; business name; username; as well as other types of data.

Remarketing and behavioral targeting

This type of service allows the site and its partners to communicate, optimize and serve advertisements based on previous visits and any purchase choices made by the user on the site.

Remarketing and behavioral targeting are carried out by tracking usage data and the use of cookies; the information collected is transferred to the partners to whom the remarketing and behavioral targeting activity is linked.

In addition to the right to opt-out from the offers of similar services, the user can opt for the exclusion from receiving cookies relating to a third party service, by accessing the opt-out page of the Network Advertising Initiative.

List of platforms connected to this site that carry out tracking for remarketing and behavioral targeting purposes and links to opt-out or exclude the receipt of cookies:


Data collected for statistical analysis purposes

This site may contain services that allow the Data Controller to monitor and analyze traffic data in aggregate form and are used to keep track of user behavior.

List of platforms connected to this site that perform tracking for statistical analysis purposes and links to opt-out or exclude the receipt of cookies:

es. Google Analytics



In relation to the processing of your personal data, the user has the right:

- to revoke the consent previously given to such treatment at any time;

-to object to the processing when it takes place on a legal basis that does not provide for the user's consent; the opposition to the treatment is exercised in an express way by accessing the section ...

- to access their data being processed and to obtain a copy of them;

- to verify the correctness of the data and request its updating or correction;

- if specific circumstances exist, to limit the processing of data and in this case the Data Controller will have to limit themselves to their conservation;

- to obtain the cancellation and removal of your data;

- to obtain the return of your data or to have it transferred, without opposing obstacles, to another Data Controller; provided that it is user data processed with automated tools and whose processing is based on the user's consent, on a contract of which the user is a party or on contractual measures connected to it;

-to propose complaints and legal actions before the competent bodies and authorities.

Instructions on how the user can exercise the right of opposition

Even when personal data are processed in the public interest, in the exercise of public powers with which the owner is invested or to pursue a legitimate interest of the owner, users still have the right to oppose the processing motivating for reasons inherent to their particular situation. .

When the user is treated for direct marketing purposes, the user has the right to oppose the processing without giving any reasons. To check whether the Data Controller processes data for direct marketing purposes, the user can contact the Data Controller at his email address.

How to exercise your rights

To exercise your rights, the user can always send a specific request via email to the owner's contact indicated in this document, receiving a response as soon as possible and in any case within a month of sending the request.



This site uses cookies. For more information and to view the detailed information, the user can access the Cookie Policy section.



Defense in Court

The Data Controller has the right to use the user's personal data for the purpose of defense in extrajudicial or judicial proceedings against abusive behavior carried out by the user in the use of this site or the services present on this site.

The user declares to be informed that the Data Controller may be obliged to disclose the data by order of the public authorities or by virtue of the law.

Specific information

This site at the request of the User, in addition to the information contained in this Privacy Policy, may provide the user with further information and services and on the collection and processing of personal data.

System log and maintenance

To meet needs of correct operation and maintenance, the site and any third party services used by it may collect "system logs", that is, files that store the interactions and which may also contain personal data, such as the IP address of the user.

Information not contained in this Policy

Further information in relation to the processing of user data may be requested by the Data Controller by using the contact email address.

Reply to “Do Not Track” requests

This site does not support "Do Not Track" requests. For information on this, the user can contact the owner at his email address.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

The Owner reserves the right to make changes to this Policy, notifying users both by means of a special banner and when technically possible by sending an email message.

In any case, the user is advised to periodically consult this page to get updated information concerning this Privacy Policy.

If the changes to this Privacy Policy pertain to personal data processing procedures by law require the consent of the interested party, the Data Controller will collect this consent again.

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