PMJ motorcycle jeans leave our factory only if they have passed the rigid PMJ Quality Control protocol based on two requirements, aesthetic and functional protective.

Some time ago one of our customers came to the company to visit us and noticed a counter dedicated to discarded garments and was intrigued, asking us what were the imperfections for which they were considered non-compliant with the sale. We pointed out that from a functional protective point of view they guaranteed the same safety as the garments offered for sale, but from the aesthetic point of view they had slight imperfections, the small stain, the uneven colour, often details; after to the eye of a typical consumer but for we are essential.

At the right price, the customer bought a pair of PMJ jeans with minimal imperfection and left the PMJ office satisfied, after him many others arrived….

For this reason we have decided to dedicate the Outlet section to PMJ jeans with slight imperfections, we are selecting the garments by type of defect (colour, stain etc.) so that you are aware of all the possible information, soon 200 pairs will be online of PMJ jeans (they will end immediately!), men and women and remember these garments have the same characteristics and protective capabilities as those found in the official PMJ stores.

We are selecting the garments if you are interested in receiving updates on when they will be available, write to shop@pmj.it
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